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<seo title="VolunteerWiki - The go-to place for volunteer involving organisations" keywords="volunteerwiki,volunteer,wiki,volunteer edinburgh,good practice guide" description="High quality, reliable and up-to-date information on managing volunteers"></seo>
<span style=background:yellow;>''[[Covid-19/Coronavirus resuming activities|See Covid-19/Coronavirus resuming actitivies clicking here]]''</span>
This resource has been developed by [ Volunteer Edinburgh] with support from partners, to give volunteer managers access to high quality, reliable and up to date information on managing volunteers.<div class="hidefrommobile">Whether you are just starting out [[Involving Volunteers|involving volunteers]] or you have been managing volunteers for many years, we aim to cover a wide range of volunteer management issues and give you access to the knowledge that you need. To make life even easier we have example policies and forms which anyone is free to download and use.</div>
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* [[Covid-19/Coronavirus resuming activities|Covid-19/Coronavirus resuming activities]]
* [[Involving Volunteers|Involving Volunteers]]
* [[Creating a Volunteer Role Description|Creating a Volunteer Role Description]]
===Templates and examples===
* [ 1Undtz3hNOwHgC58vqZROz2dds_PAwqE8 Volunteering Policy (pdf)]* [ ?usp=sharing Volunteer role description Role Description (pdf)]* [ Volunteer agreement Agreement (doc)]* [ Volunteer information form Information Form (doc)]* [ Equalities Monitoring (doc)]* [https:/d/ open?id=1LF8xdHB2eTYP1fRHDVyfYnpVG-2fN-hD Volunteer exit questionnaire Exit Questionnaire (pdf)]* [ Volunteer task description Task Description (pdf)]* [ Volunteer Risk Assessment Checklist (doc)]* [ Volunteer Induction Checklist (doc)]* [ Volunteer Risk Assessment Checklist S&S form (pdf)]* [ Health & Safety Policy (doc)* [ Volunteer Induction Checklist 1lceX_s6rDcLiYGraOmfJkiN6xTt9UnCd Confidentiality Policy and Agreement]* [ Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy (pdf)]* [ Safeguarding Policy short version - Jock Tomson's (examplepdf)]* [ 1zd2VoYK5Cj5fbf_MstO51PoG6H_X6LIq Wellness Action Plan (WAP)(pdf)]
* [ Volunteers’ Self Appraisal - Health and Wellbeing (pdf)]
* [ Guidance for Support Staff attending with Volunteers - Gorgie City Farm (pdf)]
* [ Incident Recording Form (doc)]
===Additional Learning===
* [[Evaluation of Volunteer Home Support Project (CHAS)|Evaluation of Volunteer Home Support Project (CHAS)]]
* [[Value of Volunteering Wheel|Value of Volunteering Wheel]]
* [ Case Study: Evaluating the Festival City Volunteers]

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