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How do I contribute?

One-off contributor

If you would like an article (that how we refer to the individual entries on the wiki) submitted then that can be simply done by emailing a word document and we will add it for you. We do reserve the right to alter the content to keep the “voice” of the consistent. However if we do suggest changes we will ask your permission before we make it live.

Regular contributor

If you would like to be a regular contributor then we can give you a log in. This will allow you to make changes to any part of the wiki. With such power comes responsibility so we will ask you to complete a simple agreement with us. Even when you make an entry with a user account it gets verified before publication. This is part of the standard programme that we are using and enables us to track changes and contributions.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor please contact

Editing an article

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the article you want to edit and Click on "Edit":
  3. Now you can modify/add text, like a Word document. Use the editor for the format (bold, italic, titles, etc.).
    Editing VolunteerWiki
  4. When you finish, click on "Save changes".

Creating an article

  1. Introduce the name of your article in the search bar (top-right corner) and click enter.
  2. Click on "New article".
  3. Click on "Save page" (bottom).
  4. Now the article is live and you can edit it following the steps of "Editing an article".

Formatting an article

VolunteerWiki text editor is quite similar to Word. You can select bold, italic, underline, text-colour, background-colour, bullet-list, numbered-list, etc. In order to create titles, you can choose headings under the "paragraph" tab. VolunteerWiki will automatically display the article index considering headings and paragraphs.

If you experience problems with the text editor, don't panic and let us know. The wiki doesn't lose information, everything is saved so it can be easily restored. Nevertheless, we highly recommend writing the article using Word and copy/paste it to VolunteerWiki.

More help?

If you would like more help or advice please contact Volunteer Edinburgh on 0131 225 0630 or email Requests related to VolunteerWiki please contact
Or you can drop in and see us:
Volunteer Edinburgh
222 Leith Walk, EH6 5EQ