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Welcome to VolunteerWiki!

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<div style="border: 1px solid {{{border|#99c}}};<!--
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--><h2 style="font-size:100%;font-weight:bold;border: none; margin: 0; padding:0; padding-bottom:.1em;"><span style="color:{{{titleforeground|#ffffff}}}">Help us to improve VolunteerWiki</span></h2></div>
<div style="display: block; border: 1px solid {{{border|#99c}}}; vertical-align: top; background: {{{background|#fff}}}; color: {{{foreground|#000}}}; margin-bottom: 10px; padding: .8em 1em 1em 1.3em; margin-top: 0em; {{border-radius|0 0 1.5em 1.5em}} {{{style|}}};">If you would like to donate to us please click on the donate button below and you will be redirected to a secure PayPal window where you can make your donation.
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The donations we receive will help us to cover the cost of maintaining and updating VolunteerWiki, a free and highly valuable volunteer management resource, helping organisations to improve their volunteer involvement practices.

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