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This resource has been developed by Volunteer Edinburgh with support from partners, to give volunteer managers access to high quality, reliable and up to date information on managing volunteers. Whether you are just starting out involving volunteers or you have been managing volunteers for many years, we aim to cover a wide range of volunteer management issues and give you access to the knowledge that you need. To make life even easier we have example policies and forms which anyone is free to download and use.


References to legislation

Although most good practice in involving volunteers translates the world over, throughout VolunteerWiki there are, where appropriate, references to legislation. It is important for users to note that such legislation applies to the United Kingdom and users in other territories should ensure compliance and reference to legislation applicable in their location..


Who are our partners?

The information contained within VolunteerWiki has been developed by Volunteer Edinburgh with support from Volunteer Glasgow.


Want to contribute?

Our aim is to make VolunteerWiki the "go to" place for volunteer management information. We would very much welcome contributions from other volunteer management professionals who feel that they would like to help build this knowledge base. If you are an experienced volunteer manager and want to apply to become a VolunteerWiki contributor please contact javier.tejera@volunteeredinburgh.org.uk